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Lights in bold colors can visually transform your yard into a radiant and lively space. Whether you're looking to create an inviting atmosphere for guests or want to stand out from the neighbors, our colored garden lights will make your outdoor space more unique and attractive.

Browse light fixtures by color below to find the best lights to blend in with your home's décor.

Discover the benefits of outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is one of the most important additions to any home landscape. These lights will not only add an inviting glow to your garden, but they also add safety and security to your property.

Outside lights can provide a number of benefits to your garden. These include adding an attractive light feature to your yard or patio, helping to deter pests, and providing a welcoming atmosphere to receive guests.

Read on to discover the advantages of outdoor lighting!


Lights can transform a simple backyard into a place where friends and family can gather. Plus, the brightness emitted by light fixtures adds an extra bit of excitement to your outdoor space. All things considered, outdoor light fixtures are a great way to add extra pizzazz to any party or gathering.

When choosing outside lights for entertaining, there are a few things to consider. The first is the type of event you are throwing. A birthday party might need different lights than a Fourth of July barbecue. Next, think about your location. If you're hosting an event in your backyard, you'll need different lighting than if you're throwing a party on the front porch.

Once you've decided on the purpose and location of your event, it's time to choose your yard lights.

Security and Safety

Installing exterior lighting is an effective method to improve the security of your home. Burglars and vandals are less likely to target well-lit homes. Plus, you’ll be able to see anyone who approaches your property at night.

Exterior lights can also help you find your way around in the dark, and make it easier for neighbors and guests to see your home.

Outdoor wall lights not only help you identify doorways and exits but also brighten entrances. Step lights and path lights illuminate stairs and walkways, while porch lights make it easier for people to find your home. If you love entertaining, you can also use string lights to help people see each other at night while enjoying your outdoor space.

Increased Home Value

Garden lights are often used to improve the appearance of your home, which in turn, increases its resale value.

Landscape lighting helps improve your home value in a few ways. It makes your home look more appealing from the street, which can attract buyers. It can also help deter burglars and make your home safer, which is another selling point for potential buyers. In short, outdoor lights can help make your home look better and feel safer, two important things to buyers when they are considering a purchase.

In addition to making your home look more inviting and safe, landscape lighting can also be used to highlight features like gardens or landscaping, making them appear lusher and well-maintained.

If you’re thinking of selling your home soon, outdoor lighting is something worth considering – it could help you get top dollar for your property.

Enjoy your Outdoor Space

Without lights, it would be very difficult to see your yard at night and you wouldn't be able to enjoy it as much.

Imagine if it was completely dark outside and you had to go out to your garden. You wouldn't be able to see anything and finding your way around would be very difficult. However, if there were some lights in the garden, it would be much easier to see where you are going and to enjoy the space.

Whether you want to relax outside, have a romantic dinner under the stars, or throw an electrifying party, outdoor lights will set the tone for any occasion.

Top picks from our experts

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Emma Gomez

"I recommend outdoor string lights for cozy evenings. String lights not only create a warm ambience but also illuminate any outdoor space, be it a small porch, backyard or a large garden."

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The OutdoorLights Store

Will O'Brien

"Path lights are my go-to outdoor lighting solution. These lights are extremely versatile - they help you see where you're going at night and also make your property look sleek and modern."

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The OutdoorLights Store

Joanne Adams

"There's just something about patio lights that makes any garden feel more special. Patio lights will add a classy and mystical touch to your exterior space, as well as a relaxing atmosphere."

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Mark Jones

"The outdoor light that I recommend the most for my clients is security lighting due to its functionality, versatility and easy installation. Remote-control security lights are a game-changer!"

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Don't live in the dark. Make memories.

Outdoor lights can not only completely transform spaces but also improve your lifestyle and general wellbeing. Whether you are looking for a little ambiance to a specific area, or want a full light show, our backyard lights will help you to make the most of your home and, most importantly, they'll help you to make new memories with your loved ones.

The OutdoorLights Store was founded with the idea of improving people's lives by adding a special spark to their outdoor spaces.

Our mission is to allow our customers to transform any space, making their house a home and turning any day into a special day. We are proud to provide high-quality, innovative exterior lighting that transforms any outdoor area, from a garden and patio to decking or balcony.

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