10m Warm White LED Outdoor Lights (Battery Operated)
These battery-operated warm white LED outdoor lights come in a 10m cable and can be used for multiple occasions. Perfect to add a cozy atmosphere to your home or garden, these weatherproof lights can be used all year round. Whether...
$29.99 $19.99
10m Multi Colored LED String Lights
Our outdoor 10m multi colored LED string lights help bring colorful light to areas in your garden that traditional lighting fixtures usually struggle to reach. Available in a 10m cable, these colored LED lights are long enough to be used...
$11.18 $9.99
Wireless Solar Decking Lights - Cold White
The OutdoorLights Store's wireless solar decking lights are easy to install and they're designed to work all year round.  Both sleek and stylish, these lights are ideal to use for your decking, but also for illuminating a pathway, driveway, or garden. Powered by...
from $29.99
Maple Leaf Solar LED String Lights
Maple leaf solar LED string lights add an earthy and cozy atmosphere to your garden. These beautiful LED lights can be used both indoors and outdoors - simply hang these sting lights around your deck, balcony, fence, or walls. Powered...
$17.04 from $12.99
Color Changing Solar Decking Lights
Bring your garden to life and highlight your outdoor features with our solar-powered decking lights! These high-quality modern lights can be used in a variety of applications, including stairs, pathways, driveways and garden fences. Our color changing solar-powered decking lights...
$38.32 from $29.99
Large Garden Parasol with LED Lights
Our large beige garden parasol with LED lights is ideal for summer chilled evenings. There's no need to move a BBQ or party indoors, as this beautiful parasol will LED lights will fill your garden, patio or decking with light,...
100 White Solar Fairy Lights
These 100 bright white solar fairy lights are ideal for enhancing your garden, patio, balcony or deck. You can use these solar-powered lights for any special occasion, like a birthday party, wedding or family reunion. Alternatively, you can simply use...
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