Walkway Solar Lights
If you want to illuminate your walkways, then solar-powered lights are a great solution. OutdoorLights' walkway solar lights not only allow you to see where you’re going at night but also add an ambiance to your garden. Powered by a potent solar panel, each pathway...
from $19.99
Bucharest Outdoor Wall Light With Bracket
If you're looking for an outdoor light that will add a classy look to your home, then this Bucharest style outdoor wall light is perfect for you. This wall light is easy to install and it comes with a bracket...
Stainless Steel Candle Light Lantern
Ideal for both rural and urban settings, this candle light lantern is perfect for lighting up your summer BBQs and sheltering your favourite candles from the wind. Made from high-quality stainless steel, this modern garden lantern will add a relaxing...
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