Anti-Bug Solar Path Light
The anti-bug solar path light not only lights up your garden at night but also acts as an effective bug repellent. This anti-bug garden lamp is a great solution for pathways, sideways, and driveways and it doesn't use any harmful chemicals. Powered...
In-Ground Solar Path Lights - Cold White
If you want to illuminate paths in your garden, then solar-powered pathway lights are the ideal solution. These in-ground solar path lights not only allow you to see where you’re going at night but also add a little bit of style...
from $12.99
Walkway Solar Lights
If you want to illuminate your walkways, then solar-powered lights are a great solution. OutdoorLights' walkway solar lights not only allow you to see where you’re going at night but also add an ambiance to your garden. Powered by a potent solar panel, each pathway...
from $19.99
Wireless Solar Decking Lights - Cold White
The OutdoorLights Store's wireless solar decking lights are easy to install and they're designed to work all year round.  Both sleek and stylish, these lights are ideal to use for your decking, but also for illuminating a pathway, driveway, or garden. Powered by...
from $29.99
Outdoor Solar Security Wall Light with Motion Sensor
If you want to add security to your outdoor space, then solar-powered security wall lights are the ideal solution. OutdoorLights' Solar Security Wall Light not only allows you to see where you’re going at night but also adds a modern look to your property....
Color Changing Solar Decking Lights
Bring your garden to life and highlight your outdoor features with our solar-powered decking lights! These high-quality modern lights can be used in a variety of applications, including stairs, pathways, driveways and garden fences. Our color changing solar-powered decking lights...
$38.32 from $29.99
Solar Flower Stake Lights - Blue
$25.40 $15.99
  • + 1
Solar Flower Stake Lights - Blue
These colorful solar flower stake LED lights are perfect to add a beautiful focus to your garden at night. These solar-powered LED lights are waterproof and weatherproof, which makes them suitable for exterior use. Additionally, the solar-lighted flowers are easy to...
$25.40 $15.99
  • + 1
Solar Powered LED Branch Lights
These beautiful solar-powered LED tree branch lights are the perfect addition to your garden, pathway or backyard this festive season. Powered by a singular solar panel, these LED lights will add a festive ambience to your home and give a...
12 Solar Dragonfly Lights
Light up your garden with these beautiful 12 solar-powered dragonfly lights. Made from high-quality fibre optic, these solar lights are the perfect decoration to illuminate your exterior area all year round. If you're passionate about gardening, you can add these...
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