Wireless Solar Decking Lights - Cold White
The OutdoorLights Store's wireless solar decking lights are easy to install and they're designed to work all year round.  Both sleek and stylish, these lights are ideal to use for your decking, but also for illuminating a pathway, driveway, or garden. Powered by...
from $29.99
Warm White Solar Fence Light
Solar-powered fence lights are a great solution to illuminate your home. These warm white solar fence lights not only light up your outdoor space but also add security to your property. Powered by a smart built-in solar panel, each fence light can be easily installed on fences,...
from $34.99
In-Ground Solar Path Lights - Cold White
If you want to illuminate paths in your garden, then solar-powered pathway lights are the ideal solution. These in-ground solar path lights not only allow you to see where you’re going at night but also add a little bit of style...
from $12.99
Color Changing Solar Decking Lights
Bring your garden to life and highlight your outdoor features with our solar-powered decking lights! These high-quality modern lights can be used in a variety of applications, including stairs, pathways, driveways and garden fences. Our color changing solar-powered decking lights...
$38.32 from $29.99
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